How can extrusion-spheronization solve delivery challenges in controlled release dose forms? 

1591644376-1Synchronizing and controlling API delivery, extrusion-spheronization (E-S) offers pharmaceutical companies a robust technique to manufacture today’s most complex therapeutics.

In this whitepaper, you will explore: 

•  How delivering therapeutic compounds and molecules via spheronized forms will support your most challenging drug product manufacturing goals.
• Insights into the drivers behind using extrusion-spheronization to support patient friendly oral solid dose drug strategies.
• An understanding of how extrusion-spheronization can improve quality, safety, therapeutic efficacy and dose compliance across a diverse range of therapeutic areas.
• Applications of extrusion-spheronization technology for both modified release capsules and multi-unit pellet systems (MUPS).
• A step-by-step guide the E-S manufacturing process. 

Manufacturing oral solid dose API's into spheres via extrusion-spheronization is not new. What is new is that in the right hands, with the right capabilities, this well-understood process stands ready to help lead the development and manufacturing of both today and tomorrow’s complex solid dose therapeutics.