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Developing and manufacturing reliable modified release formulations efficiently and effectively requires a deeper understanding of the technologies and how best to apply them to optimize outcomes.

Modified release formulations trending now

Trending with pharma’s leading innovators, advanced therapeutics in all categories are requiring complex formulation and manufacturing strategies to control dose delivery and enhanced bioavailability. Drug developers are working today’s most popular drug approval routes to create better, more therapeutically valuable formulations. For a variety of patient-centric reasons modifying release and controlling dose frequency is yielding great results, improving the efficacy, and therapeutic value of orally administered drugs.

Modified-release drug products are designed to release drugs in a controlled manner to achieve desired efficacy and safety profiles. When modifying the release of actives, researchers generally seek five primary objectives:

  1. Maintaining therapeutic activity for an extended time
  2. Reducing toxic effects
  3. Protecting the active substance against degradation due to low pH
  4. Targeting the active substance to a predefined segment of the gastrointestinal tract for local treatment or better absorption
  5. Targeting active substance release at specified time-points

Innovators of today’s most promising oral solid dose (OSD) compounds are seeking proven solutions and capabilities to deliver active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) payloads with increasing precision, For example, modifying how the drug product releases its actives into the body is central to achieving desired patient outcomes for many of today’s advanced oncological and central nervous system treatments.

Read more about how to control and modify the release of today’s insoluble, potent APIs here. 

“Bora is helping leading developers access long-standing technologies along with the latest and best technologies to keep drug delivery goals on target.

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Four great ways Bora can help

Bora offers great technological solutions:

  1. Matrix type modified release formulation,
  2. Membrane type modified release formulation,
  3. Multi-particle modified released formulation (MUPS)
  4. Enteric coating – aqueous and solvent based

Bora’s scientists are expertly deploying the latest amorphous and multi-unit particulate system OSD technologies and coating systems to optimally define solubility and bioavailability.

From clinical scale to commercial our Sr. scientists and professionals can help you put the best modified release strategies to work earlier in development.

Our extensive modified release processing experience and industry-leading cGMP manufacturing operations have never been more capable of delivering complex modified release programs with speed, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

From state-of-the-art facilities in North America and Taiwan, Bora stands ready to deliver faster, more efficient modified released formulation development and manufacturing to your project, end-to-end.

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